Sale Date:
May 7, 2006
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Lot Numbers, Descriptions and Estimates
201. Arts & Crafts table, probably Austrian, octagonal brass top on an oak base with ball feet and inlaid ebony, original finish, 19”w x 19”d x 29”h, excellent condition 800-1000
202. Limbert desk chair, attribution, low back form over worn original rush seat with straight legs, refinished, some wear, unsigned, 16.5”w x 13.25”d x 25.25”h, very good condition 200-300
203. Arts & Crafts cabinet, panel door with original hardware under a glass inset top, original finish, 16”w x 12”d x 30”h, chips to glass, very good condition 300-400
204. Stickley Brothers lamp table, #2508, circular top over a lower shelf supported by notched cross stretchers, refinished, paper label, 30”dia x 30”h, very good condition 600-800
205. Early Gustav Stickley plate rack, #903, has a light original finish with some cleaning, new chains, unmarked, 20”h x 46”w 1500-2500
206. L & JG Stickley lamp table, #575, circular top with lower shelf held by a cross stretcher base, recoated original finish, branded, 24”dia x 29.25”h, very good condition 700-900

207. Arts & Crafts umbrella stand, slatted form, refinished, 12.75”w x 12.75”d x 28.75”h, very good condition 100-200

208. Arts & Crafts armchair, wide horizontal slat at back over a recovered spring cushion, original finish, 28”w x 22”d x 39.25”h, very good condition 300-400
209. Good Jarvie Art Nouveau candlestick, bronze with an exceptional original patina, unmarked, 13.5”h, this stick retains its original bobeche which is quite rare for this form 2500-3500
210. Good SEG vase, painted landscape scene with large trees against a green matt background, marked, 4.5”h, a nice example of SEG 1500-2500
211. Excellent Jarvie candlestick, Theta model, bronze, original patina, marked, 13.25”h, very nice 5000-6000
212. Good Jarvie vase, nicely hammered copper with a good original patina, impressed mark, 3”h 500-700
213. Large and important Paul Revere vase, tapered shape with a finely painted daffodil decoration, stamped mark, 13.25”h, pictured in Saturday Evening Girls, by Chalmers & Young, a huge example 9,000-12,000
214. California Art Tile Co. tile, carved and painted design of a house and palm trees, impressed mark, 5.75”sq., in an Arts & Crafts frame 300-500
215. Roycroft wall sconces, unusual design in hammered copper, original patina, impressed mark, 2.5”w x 8.5”h 300-500
216. Marblehead tile, nicely painted pot of flowers, partial paper label, framed, 6”sq. 1000-1500
217. Marblehead vase, flaring form covered with an unusual turquoise glaze, impressed mark, 4”h 250-350
218. Marblehead vase, flaring form covered with a thick textured green matt glaze, impressed mark, 7.5” 300-400
219. Robert Mouseman tray, English, hand carved with a mouse figural, original finish, unsigned, 3” x 4” 200-300
220. Robert Mouseman lamp, English, hand carved with a mouse figural, original finish, unsigned, 18”h 500-1000
221. Bradley & Hubbard lamp, bronzed metal base supporting an octagonal shade with colorful slag glass panels with a reticulated feather design, original patina, marked, 15”w x 19”h, one cracked panel 900-1200
222. Unusual Randall compote, sterling silver, monogram, marked, 8.5”w x 6.5”h 500-700
223. Charles Eaton table lamp, attribution, hand hammered copper, good original patina, 17”w x 24”h, excellent condition 2000-3000
224. Limbert china cabinet, #448, two door form with single vertical mullion at top, plate rail at back, replaced shelves, original hardware, refinished, 46”w x 16”d x 61”h, branded signature, good condition 2000-2500
225. Limbert bookcase, #340, two doors with original copper hardware, three adjustable shelves, refinished, repaired break at one side, branded signature, 31.5”w x 12.5”d x 46”h, very good condition 900-1200
226. Stickley Brothers china cabinet, similar to #8860, two door form with original copper hardware, mirrored back with cane panels at sides, refinished, veneer damage at top edge, one replaced pane of glass, 42”w x 16”d x 63”h, very good condition 1000-1500
227. Limbert china cabinet, similar to #448, two door form with original knobs and hammered copper hinges, back splash replaced, refinished, 40”w x 17”d x 61”h, unsigned, very good condition 1000-1500
228. Stickley Brothers Morris rocker, notched arms with thru-post construction, nicely recovered leather cushions, signed with early paper label, original dark finish, arms recoated, 28”w x 34”d x 42”h, very good condition 1000-1500
229. Limbert armchair, #931, three vertical slats at back, replaced seat over wide lower slats, refinished, signed, some roughness, 28”w x 24”d x 37”h, good condition 400-600
230. L & JG Stickley armchair, #802, three horizontal slats at back over a recovered original cushion, refinished, unsigned, 26”w x 21”d x 38”h, very good condition 300-400
231. Unusual L & JG Stickley corner bookcase, attribution, three open shelves with thru-tenon construction at sides and chamfered board back, refinished, very well constructed, 42”w x 38”d x 36”h, shelves are 7.5”d, very good condition 1200-1500
232. Arts & Crafts doors, pair, Macintosh influence, age unknown, elaborate leaded design with rose detail, clear and jeweled glass, set in oak frame, each: 22”w x 70”h, very good condition 1200-1500
233. L & JG Stickley rocker, #421, deep form with four vertical slats over recovered leather seat, refinished, Handcraft decal, 30”w x 36”d x 38”h, very good condition 600-800
234. Arts & Crafts hall chair with arms, Macintosh influenced, oval back over three vertical slats, key and tenon construction, replaced drop-in leather seat, cleaned original finish, 25”w x 23”d x 48”h, very good condition 400-600
235. Arts & Crafts hall chair, Macintosh influenced, oval back over three vertical slats, key and tenon construction, replaced drop-in leather seat, cleaned original finish, 25”w x 21”d x 47”h, very good condition 400-600
236. Newcomb College handled vessel, carved and painted crocus, decorated by Marie LeBlanc, #DY67, JM, 7.5”h 1200-1700
237. Newcomb College bowl, carved and painted floral decoration by Henrietta Bailey, #GM83, JM, 6”w, minor line at lip 500-1000
238. Clewell vase, copper-clad pottery, has a nice original patina, marked, #317, 7.25”h 500-700
239. Fulper vase, two handles with a multi-toned brown matt, 9”w x 6”h; with a Fulper bowl, (not shown), with a blue, yellow and green flambé, both marked, 10"w x 4.25"h 300-400
240. Dirk Van Erp bowl, low form in hammered copper, good original patina, impressed mark, 7.5”w x 2.5”h 500-700
241. Exceptional Newcomb College vase, large classic shape with carved and painted pinecones, executed by Henrietta Bailey, #SR7, #132, 13”h 5000-7000
242. Limbert chairs, #1921, set of six, three vertical slats under a double horizontal rail over a saddle seat, original finish, branded signature, 17”w x 17”d x 38”h, very good condition 1800-2200
243. Liberty & Co. tapestry, velvet with a decoration of peacocks and butterflies in muted colors, marked, 64”l x 30”w 1000-1500
244. Liberty & Co. settle, attribution, probably designed by William Burch, even arm form with three vertical slats under each arm and nine slats at back, refinished, recovered, 67”w x 29”d x 30”h, very good condition 2500-3500
245. Stickley Brothers side chairs, #392 1/2, set of six, English influenced form having two tapered slats with cut-out at top over a solid seat and shoe-foot base, refinished, signed, minor roughness, 16”w x 16”d x 38.5”h, very good condition 900-1200
246. Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. compote, English, hammered sterling, original patina, impressed mark, 7”w x 5.5”h 900-1200
247. Arts & Crafts frame, hammered pewter over wood with intricately tooled carp, original patina, unmarked, 10”w x 12.5”h 250-350
248. Joseph Heinrichs compote, massive form in hand-hammered sterling silver, original patina, impressed mark, 13.5”w x 14”h 500-700
249. Heintz inkwell, bronze with a silver water lily, original patina, marked, 5”w, original insert 150-250
250. Arts & Crafts candlesticks, pair, brass with a good original patina, unmarked, 10”h 150-200
251. Arts & Crafts inkwell, bronzed metal with an etched leaf design, original gold patina, unmarked, 4.5”w, missing insert 100-200
252. Jarvie candlesticks, pair, Alpha form in bronze, original patina, signed, removable bobeche, 5”w x 11.25”h 800-1100
253. Good Jefferson lamp, unusual textured green glass base with metal foot supporting a reverse painted shade with a nicely detailed landscape, shade signed and numbered 1897, 18”w x 22”h 2500-3500
254. Decorative European Art Pottery tiles, two, colorful stylized peacock feather design, numbered, held in a Arts & Crafts frame, each is 6"sq., minor flakes to high points of decoration 300-400
255. Handel lamp, overlaid eight panel glass shade with a dandelion decoration on a bronzed metal base with good original patina, shade signed, fabric tag on base, 18”w x 23”h 4500-5500
256. Fulper vase, double handled form covered with an unusual purple and blue matt glaze, impressed mark, 5”w x 8”h 200-300
257. Fulper vase, large flaring form covered in a brown and tan flambé glaze, stamped mark, 6.25"w x 10.5"h 300-400
258. Fulper vase, large flaring form covered in a brown and tan flambé glaze, incised mark, 6.25"w x 10.5"h 300-400
259. Fulper vase, double handled form covered with a purple and blue matt glaze, impressed mark, 5”w x 8”h 200-300
260. Arts & Crafts box, handled form in wrought iron with applied designs, unmarked, 10.5”w x 8”h 300-500
261. Jarvie sconce, brass, with tooled design, signed “The Jarvie Shop,” 5”w x 2.5”d x 14”h, very good condition 1500-2000
262. Roycroft bookends, pair, hammered copper with a floral design, original dark patina, 3.75”w x 5”h 150-250
263. Newcomb College handled vessel, carved and painted white flowers with green leaves, decorated by Anna Francis simpson, #NZ29, #196, 4.5” x 5” 900-1200
264. Dirk Van Erp charger, hammered copper with pinched edges, original patina, impressed mark, 11.5”w 500-700
265. Newcomb College vase, two handled shape carved and painted flowers, decorated by Anna Francis Simpson, #OL24, #254, 4” x 5” 1000-1500
266. Gustav Stickley desk, #720, two front drawers with upper cabinet, 38”w x 21”d x 38”h, original finish, paper label and black brand mark 1500-2000
267. Early Gustav Stickley smoker’s cabinet, #503, rare form with paneled drop front under a beveled top, slab sides with key and tenon construction, some color added to original finish, chip to front corner, remnant of paper label, 15”w x 13”d x 29”h, escutcheon replaced, very good condition 5000-7000
268. Gustav Stickley wastebasket, #94, slatted form with iron hoops and rivets, useful accessory, fine original finish, signed with paper label, 12”dia x 14”h, very good condition 1800-2200
269. Gustav Stickley night stand, #641, two drawer, refinished, original hardware, 20”w x 17.5”d x 29”h, marked with early black stamp, overall good condition 1000-1500
270. Interesting Arts & Crafts hall chair, elaborate design with cut out coat of arms design at back, recovered leather seat, refinished, 27”w x 21”d x 59”h, very good condition 700-900
271. Stickley Brothers dresser mirror, attribution, two drawer form sits on rounded posts with original swivel mirror at back, refinished, 31”w x 11”d x 22”h, very good condition 600-800
272. Newcomb poster, screenprint, framed, 16”w x 29.5”h 500-1000
273. Arts & Crafts hanging cabinet, two doors with amber glass and original wood knobs over an open shelf with circular cut-outs at sides, refinished, 22”w x 7”d x 21”h, very good condition 200-300
274. McHugh hall seat, attribution, mirrored back under X detail with original iron hooks, three vertical slats to each side, original finish, replaced glass, 28”w x 20”d x 66”h, very good condition 700-900
275. Arts & Crafts hall mirror, rectangular glass with its four original wrought iron hooks, original finish, replaced mirror, 38”w x 24”h, very good condition 300-400
276. Early Stickley Brothers Morris chair, #631 1/2, three vertical slats under each bent back arm, heavy thru-tenon construction, signed with Quaint tag, recovered cushions, original finish, 31”w x 37”d x 39”h, very good condition 2000-3000
277. Good Limbert mousehole table, #183, rectangular top over a flared slab side with double key and tenon construction, fine original finish, 42”w x 30”d x 29.5”h, very good condition 4500-5500
278. Good Gustav Stickley Morris chair, #367, early spindle recliner, original finish, cream color leather cushions, 21”w x 25”d x 40”h, signed, excellent condition 6000-8000
279. Early Gustav Stickley magazine stand, carved “Tree of Life” design at sides with three shelves and original tacks and partial leather facing, original finish, two missing tacks at rear, 14”w x 14”d x 43.5”h, very good condition 1500-2000
280. Limbert hall tree, #230, single post with revolving top, copper coat hooks, original finish, signed, 23.5”w x 23.5”d x 67.5”h, very good condition 700-900
281. Good Limbert magazine stand, #304, two wide slats on each side support four shelves over an inverted V toe board, fine original finish, branded signature, 16”w x 12”d x 43”h, excellent condition 1200-1500
282. Nice Gustav Stickley double bed, #923, original finish, 56”w x 50”h, unmarked, headboard has been cut short, the footboard is now used as the headboard, very good condition 1500-2000
284. L & JG Stickley library table, #521, rectangular top over a single drawer with original hardware, corbel supports with thru-tenon construction, original finish, signed with Handcraft decal, 42”w x 28”d x 29.5”h, very good condition 1200-1500
285. Early Gustav Stickley hall bench, #180, c. 1901, in oak with recovered leather seat, refinished, unsigned, rear legs slightly shortened, 44”w x 22”d x 34”h, very good condition 2500-3500

Provenance: Charles and Jane Kaufmann
286. Rare Jarvie Omicron candlestick, two-arm form in brass, signed with script signature, original patina, 8”w x 6”d x 10.5”h, very good condition 5000-7000
287. Henri Riviére (French, 1864-1951), color lithograph, “Family of Deer”, signed, linen backed, unframed, 21.5” x 32.5” 500-700
288. Limbert library table, similar to #1141, rectangular top over a single drawer with original hardware, refinished, branded signature, 42”w x 30”d x 29”h, very good condition 700-900
289. Stickley Brothers child’s table, attribution, #658, circular with four legs and support stretchers, original finish, 24”dia. x 18”h, very good condition 400-600
290. Roycroft bookends, pair, hammered copper with applied rings, original patina, marked, 4”w x 5.25”h 250-350
291. Exceptional Limbert dresser mirror, attribution, ebon-oak line, fine original finish and original glass, unsigned, 20”w x 7.5”d x 20.5”h, excellent condition 700-900
292. Limbert dresser, #477 3/4, two half drawers over two full drawers with original copper hardware, thru-tenon construction, swivel mirror, refinished, branded, 35”w x 20”d x 66”h, very good condition 900-1200
293. Arts & Crafts lamp table, circular form, oak, 36”dia. x 30”h, four legs with cross stretcher and apron, some wear to top finish, overall good condition 600-800
294. Albert Berry bookends, pair, hammered copper with a ship design, original patina, impressed mark, 4”w x 5.5”h 400-600
295. Nice Newcomb College vase, carved and painted floral design, decorated by Cynthia Littlejohn, #HA80, #237, JM, 5.5”h 1200-1700
296. Albert Valentien (American, 1862-1925), “Botanical Study #6”; watercolor, 19” x 12”, unsigned, engraved plate on frame. 600-800
297. Good Newcomb College vase, carved and painted landscape with oaks and hanging moss, decorated by A.F. Simpson, #RQ94, #250, JH, 8” 3500-5500
298. Newcomb College tile, round with a carved and painted jasmine design in a purple and blue matt glaze, executed by A.F. Simpson, #HX80, paper label, 6”dia. 800-1200
299. Exceptional Valentien Art Pottery vase, shouldered form with carved and raised poppies covered with a multi-toned green matt, impressed mark, 6”h, great example of this rare pottery, fine glaze 5500-7500
300. George Ohr vase, unusual form with a hole in center and a twig design covered with a multi-toned brown glaze, signed, 3.75”w x 2.5”h 1000-1500
Sale Date:
May7, 2006