Sale Date:
June 4 & 5, 2005
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Lot Numbers and Descriptions
601. Weller Hudson vase, shouldered from with painted iris design, artist signed, marked, 15"h, minor chips to base 1200-1700
602. Weller Zona dessert service, seven pieces, compote, shown, 6"h; four bowls 5.5"w; platter 12"w; basket 8.5"w with two hairlines 300-400
603. Weller Souevo vase, geometric design, unmarked, 7"h, minor flakes to rim; with a Weller Souevo vase, (not shown), geometric design, marked, 7"h, minor chips to rim; with a Weller Roma vase, (not shown), marked, 6"h 350-550
604. Weller Zona compote, 5"h; with a Weller Baldin vase, marked, 7"h, minor flake to decoration; with a Weller Novelty flower frog, blue birds, 4.5"h, glaze flakes 250-350
605. Peters and Reed jardiniére, brown clay with roses, #8E, 12"w x 10"h 250-350
606. RV Early Carnelian vase, large shouldered form under a mottled green and pink matt glaze, unmarked, 13.5"h 400-600
607. Weller Faience Garden pots, pair, (one shown), 10.5"h, minor chips 400-500
608. Weller Coppertone garden ornament, frog, 6"h, cement filled, a couple of minor lines, very cute 400-600
609. Unusual Weller Woodcraft wallpocket, large form with birds and flowers, 11.5"w x 15"h, restoration to tail 800-1100
610. Large Weller Coppertone garden ornament, unmarked, 10"w x 8.5"h 1000-1500
611. Weller Sicard vase, twisting form with a leaf design covered in a colorful metallic glaze, signed Sicard on side, 8"h, chip and hairline to rim 500-700
612. Unusual Weller Sicard vase, double gourd form with ruffled rim and a stylized floral design in a metallic glaze, signed Sicardo Weller, impressed mark, 7"h, minor wear 1200-1700
613. Camark lamp base, landscape with palm trees in a colorful luster glaze, signed Lessell, 13.75"h, lamp hardware missing, a similar piece is pictured in "Collector's Guide to Camark Pottery", pg.22 800-1100
614. Weller Sicard vase, gourd form with a stylized design in a metallic glaze, signed Weller Sicard, 5.25"h 450-650
615. Weller Sicard vase, unusual form with an elaborate design of Gingko leaves in a metallic glaze, signed Weller Sicard, 9"h 1000-1500
616. Weller Sicard vase, gourd form with a floral design in a metallic glaze, signed, 7"h 550-750
617. Exceptional Weller Sicard vase, double gourd form with a floral design covered in a colorful metallic glaze, signed Sicard Weller on side, 10"h, minor flakes to rim 1200-1700
618. Good Weller Sicard vase, footed pillow form with a floral design covered in a purple metallic glaze with iridescent highlights, signed Sicard Weller on side, 8"w x 7.5"h 1200-1700
619. Excellent Weller Sicard vase, double gourd form with a clover design covered in a colorful metallic glaze, signed Sicard Weller on side, 7.25"h 1200-1700
620. Weller Ivory floor vase, 13"h; with a Weller Zona jardiniére, (not shown), rose design, 9"h 300-400
621. Weller vase, large form with three twisting handles covered with a mottled green matt glaze, marked, 12"h 450-650
622. Weller Kenova vase, cylindrical form with an organic design covered with a green and brown matt glaze, impressed mark, 9"h, factory flaws to lip 250-350
623. Weller Ardsley vase, flaring form, marked, 12"h, nice color 200-300
624. Weller Jewell vase, incised design of a woman picking apples, impressed mark, 12.75"h, minor line to rim 500-700
625. Weller Roma vase, paneled design of stylized dogwood, impressed mark, 10"h, minor flake to side 200-300
626. Weller Kenova vase, applied turtle, all covered with a multi-toned green matt glaze, impressed mark, 5"h, chip to base 500-700
627. Weller Hobart flower frog, two ducks covered with an ivory matt glaze, marked, 9"w x 6.5"h 250-350
628. Weller Woodcraft humidor, squirrel design, 8.5"h, damaged; with a Weller Forest humidor, (not shown), hunting dogs, 6"h, damaged 250-350
629. Weller Dickensware vase, three-sided and handled form with carved and painted fish on each side, marked, #554, 6"h, some minor flake repairs 550-750
630. Nice Weller Dickensware vase, pillow form with four feet and carved Native American portrait, "Daring Fox", artist initials E.L. Pickens, marked, #X25, 5"h, nice clean example 800-1100
631. Weller Dickensware vase, handled form, scene with a bridge, "The Mt. Vernon Bridge Co., Mt. Vernon, O.", marked, #225, 6.5"h, exceptionally clean example 550-750
632. Good Weller Dickensware mug, nicely painted and carved Native American portrait, "Black Heart", artist signed E.L. Pickens, marked, #562, 5.5"h, good glaze, great detail in artwork 800-1100
633. Nice Weller Dickensware vase, swollen shouldered form with a well executed portrait, elaborately carved and painted cavalier, signed L.J. Burgess 1901, marked, 10.5"h 1200-1700
634. Weller Dickensware jug, bulbous form with carved tavern scene, glaze goes from matt to high glaze, signed by Dunlavy, marked, #374, 5.25"h, well done 450-650
635. Good Weller Dickensware vase, slender form with carved golfer, artist initial, marked, #X21, 12"h, some small flakes at rim have been professionally restored 1500-2500
636. Large Weller Dickensware vase, three-sided and footed, "Dombey and Son", artist initials L.J.B., marked, 12"h, a couple of minor firing lines, excellent example, nicely fired and glazed 1000-1500
637. Nice Weller Dickensware vase, unusual four sided twisted form with carved stag, artist initials, marked, 11.25"h 1200-1700
638. Large RV Magnolia vase, brown with two handles, marked, 12"h 300-500
639. RV Tourmaline vase, footed form in blue, unmarked, 8"h 200-300
640. RV Fressia ewer, brown, marked, 15"h; with a RV Fressia bookend, (not shown), brown, marked, 5"h 300-400
641. RV Carnelian vase, unusual double handled and flaring shape under a blue matt glaze, unmarked, 8.25"h 200-300
642. Unusual RV Pine Cone vase, two handled shape with flaring top, blue, marked, 7"h 100-200
643. RV Moderne vase, handled, footed and flaring form in a rare turquoise matt glaze, marked, 8.5"h 400-600
644. RV Dahlrose vase, swollen form in brown, paper label, 10"h 500-700
645. Good RV Silhouette vase, flattened form with nude in white, 7.5"h 300-400
646. Exceptional RV Clemana vase, bulbous form in brown, marked, 9.5"h, good example 650-850
647. Rare F.H. Rhead drink dispenser, for Pepsi-Cola, ca. 1903, colorful squeezebag design of stylized trees and rabbits, 16"h, crack to rim, extremely hard to find 10,000-20,000
648. RV Rozane Pauleo vase, large beautiful shape covered in a mottled blue and brown glaze, 19"h, restoration and chip to base 600-800
649. Rare and fine Weller Louwelsa vase, gourd shape in a brown glaze with yellow floral design, applied silver overlay with two handles at top and monogram, marked, 7"h 2000-3000
650. Exceptional Rozane Olympic ewer, red, black and ivory, "Triptolemos and the Grain of Wheat", marked, 10.5"h, a fine example of early Rozane, crisp and colorful design 5000-7000
Sale Date:
June 4 & 5, 2005