Fine American & European Art Pottery

Fine American & European Art Pottery Treadway Gallery presents:
Fine American & European
Art Pottery Sale
May 7, 2000. . .Chicago, IL

Fine American & European Art Pottery

212. Nice Fulper vase, swollen form covered with an unusual multi-toned purple, red and cream crystalline matt, raised vertical mark, 9.5"h, mint 550-750

213. Unusual Fulper vase, bulbous body with numerous ribs covered with a yellow, cream and multi-toned green drip glaze, impressed horizontal mark, 7"h, mint 350-450

214. Large and impressive Fulper vase, two-handled form with a thickly textured mirror black glaze, incised vertical mark, 12"h, mint 1500-2000

215. Fulper vase, miniature form with pedestal foot covered in a wonderful yellow, cream, blue, brown and black crystalline glaze, stamped vertical mark, 9"h, mint 400-600

216. Good Fulper vase, under a brown, taupe and green leopard skin glaze, stamped vertical mark, Vasekraft label, 11"h, mint 800-1100

Lots 212-216
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